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45 min. Response Time

45 min. Response Time

Insurance Claims

Emergency Flood Services is the “company of choice” for most insurance companies. We will work with your insurance company and your adjuster.

The Insurance Process

Talking to your insurance agent/adjuster –
Every policy is different, so the Emergency Flood Services team takes the time to advise the homeowner to talk to their insurance agent/adjuster to get specifics on their policies. Our team members also advise the homeowner that sometimes the problem isn’t as bad as it seems and to have us come look at the problem, which may be fixed without filing a flood insurance claim. Once a flood insurance claim is filed, it goes on your insurance record and can adversely affect you.

Insurance claims
Filing insurance claims –
If a flood insurance claim is going to be filed, we want to make sure the filing is done properly and that you get all the benefits out of it. Our highly-trained team will educate the homeowner on what to say (and not say) when filing a flood insurance claim. The words used to file a flood insurance claim and when speaking with an adjuster are important, as the wrong statements can cause your claim to be denied.
Getting your insurance benefit –
At this stage, it’s important for the homeowner and insurance adjuster to understand the proper procedure for mitigating the water damage. Things like advising whether or not the hardwood floor can be salvaged, or the damaged cabinetry can be repaired or replaced are part of our job at Emergency Flood Services. We also act as advocate for the homeowner because insurance companies are not in the business of handing out money. We work for the homeowner, NOT the insurance companies and we want to make sure you receive every dollar possible when you file a claim.

The Emergency Flood Services Team is available for free phone consultations, should you have any insurance questions. Call us today!!